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Whistlepig 18 Double Malt Rye Whiskey 3rd...

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Dave Pickerell built WhistlePig in pursuit of crafting the world’s finest and most interesting Rye Whiskeys. After years of devotion to patient aging and innovative blending, we’ve turned our attention to experiments with grain – in particular, the bygone practice of malting rye. Before industrial catalysts were introduced to increase efficiency, farmer distillers would malt a small portion of their rye harvest in order to access the grain’s starch content and set off the fermentation process. Floral, earthy flavors imparted by malted rye would add nuance to the bold, peppery spice character of classic rye whiskey. To harness these flavors for our oldest expression of WhistlePig yet, we selected a whiskey distilled from 79% rye, 15% malted rye, and 6% malted barley. These grains form a harmony that spans the flavor spectrum, at once soft and floral, rich and savory, and full of spice. Its complexity is only heightened after 18 years in the barrel.

Sandeman 40 Year Old Tawny Port 750ML

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Specially selected Ports are chosen for ageing in wooden casks where gradual exposure to air concentrates the flavours and transforms the rich ruby colour to amber, creating the rare and delicious Sandeman Porto Tawny 40 Years Old. The ageing process intensifies the fruit creating the complex flavours characteristic of Tawny Port. A perfect Port to end any meal and an inspiration for good conversation. An intense, deeply flavoured Porto Tawny 40 Years Old, with a massive bouquet suggesting vanilla, oak and honey, and a mouthful of very complex flavours of dried fruits, spices, and nuts. As the wine unfolds smoothly and develops in the mouth, one discovers a superb balance of wood ageing and vibrancy, characteristic of Sandeman Tawny Portos.

Belfour Bourbon Whiskey Small Batch 750ML

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It is with honor that we add a Small Batch offering under The Spirit of Champions™ product family. From time to time, these Belfour Small Batch releases will offer fans a new whiskey experience from a finite amount of barrels, while staying true to what we’re known for – creating unique flavor profiles within beautiful packaging.

Booker's Small Batch 2020-03 Bourbon 750ML

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The third and final Booker’s batch release in 2020, Pigskin Batch is sure to please Booker’s fans who enjoy a robust flavor profile with a heavy cinnamon note. The bourbon is very straightforward, forgoing complexity in exchange for a bombastic flavor profile. Like 2020’s Little Book Chapter 4, Pigskin Batch leans heavily on a cinnamon note, but is a bit more rough around the edges and slightly less satisfying as a result.

Highland Park Dark Origins Scotch Whiskey 750ML

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A special release of Highland Park in tribute to distillery founder Magnus Eunson, crafted from only first-fill sherry-seasoned oak casks. An exploration of the rich, cacao, toffee and dense fruit spectrum of the Highland Park range. Complex layers of dark chocolate, ripe fig, and aromatic smoke deliver a rich and decadent taste experience. Named ‘The Best Spirit’ of the year by America’s foremost expert on distilled spirits, F. Paul Pacult upon its debut. A must-try if you can find one of the rare remaining bottles.  "The Best Spirit that I’ve Tasted All Year. Five stars." - F. Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal 2014

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