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Tequila Clase Azul Gold 750ML

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Before dusk, there is a delightful moment when darkness embraces the light. This precious moment inspired this combination of spirits, pouring into a shimmering glass decanter fused to a night-colored ceramic base.   Clase Azul Tequila Gold is an incomparable tequila joven, a blend that combines Clase Azul Tequila Plata with a special reposado tequila matured in French oak casks and an Extra Añejo aged in American whiskey casks and finished in sherry casks.

Booker's 2022-01 Ronnie's Batch 750ML

Price $199.99
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The first Booker’s batch of 2022, Ronnie’s Batch is a straightforward affair that packs a cinnamon centered punch, but doesn’t quite reach the heights Booker’s is capable of.  The first Booker's batch release of 2022, according to the company “this batch is named in honor of Ronnie Land, a longtime employee at the Jim Beam plants when Booker Noe was master distiller. As the warehouse manager, Ronnie was responsible for inventory of the aging barrels and knew exactly where Booker preferred to store his namesake barrels. Under Ronnie’s watchful eye, Booker knew he was working with barrels that met his standards.”

The Macallan 18 Double Cask 750ML

Price $499.99
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Two oaks, creating the perfect harmony within one exceptional single malt whisky. Our Double Cask whiskies are aged in two types of oak, in specially selected hand-crafted casks seasoned with dry Oloroso sherry. American oak imparts delicate flavours of vanilla, citrus and butterscotch. European oak delivers the unmistakable subtle spice of The Macallan. Once matured, two exceptional whiskies unite to create a distinctive single malt with a sweeter, warmer taste and character. Enjoy it neat, over ice or in a serve.

The Macallan 12 Year Old Double Cask 750ML

Price $99.99
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The Macallan Double Cask 12 Year Old Scotch pairs the indulgent fruit, caramel and oak spice character of Sherry-seasoned European oak with the bright citrus and vanilla notes of Sherry-seasoned American oak for a satisfyingly rich and perfectly balanced flavor experience. Awarded unanimous Double Gold upon release.

The Macallan 12 Year Old Sherry Oak 750ML

Price $119.99
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The Macallan Sherry Oak 12 Years Old is an iconic single malt Scotch whisky born of The Macallan’s unrivalled commitment to the mastery of wood and spirit. Twelve years in Oloroso Sherry-seasoned oak casks have delivered an exquisitely rich and complex flavor profile full of dried fruit, opulent vanilla and warm spice.

Bosscal Damiana Mezcal 750ML

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Light smoke, very crisp and smooth with amazing herbal notes from the Damiana flower added into the second distillation with citrus, orange, and blood orange. With some sweet, tartness and floral notes that carries a very well-balanced palate, Damiana is a traditional herb that thrives in the same regions as agave, has been used to this day by the Mexican people and culture and was a favorite of the Aztecs.  The herb historically was used mostly to increase sexual desire (as an aphrodisiac) and is also known for its euphoric capabilities, used to maintain both mental & physical stamina.

Bosscal Joven Mezcal 750ML

Price $49.99
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Bosscal Joven Mezcal is 100% Artisanal & Handcrafted and USDA Organic. Slow cooked with volcanic rock in artisanal earth ovens. Agave is ground by hand with axes and fermented in oak wood vats. Double distilled in stainless steel stills. Unaged, excellent Agave durangensis from Durango. On the nose, slightly herbal with flowers and minerals quickly becoming all tropical fruit. Tart and sweet at the same time – like passion fruit. Light smoke; very crisp taste. Smooth with citrus, orange, and blood orange flavours. The tartness of the nose carries to the palate creating great balance. Gold Medal winner at the Spirits of Mexico. Gold Medal winner at Wine & Spirits Competition in LA, SF, NYC.

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