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    Crown Royal Aged 18 Years Extra Rare Canadian...

    Price $399.99
    Availability: 6 In Stock

    Crown Royal 18 is the pinnacle of blending, offering unparalleled complexity. The crown jewel of one of our rarest stocks, this elegant amber whisky has layers of intensity that are both surprising and delightful, featuring enticing notes of vanilla and stone fruit on the nose. The velvety body of light oak is tempered by caramel spice. Delicate notes of nougat linger in the full-bodied finish.

    Studebaker Manhattan Whiskey 750ML

    Price $19.99
    Availability: 12 In Stock

    Made with sweet vermouth, bitters, and maraschino cherries. This one’s out of balance from the start, initially coming across as overloaded with vermouth notes — oddly dry, with heavily herbal overtones. Things get even less coherent from there, the concoction turning gummy and vaguely vegetal. There’s little semblance of whisky here — there’s a reason soft Canadian whisky is never used in a Manhattan — particularly on the flabby finish. 

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