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    Arak Askalan 750ML

    Price $16.99
    Availability: 150 In Stock

    Product of Israel. Our special extra fine Askalon Arak is produced using only carefully selected ingredients that create the perfect harmony between alcohol and aniseed. We know you will enjoy the delicate taste and superb quality of Askalon Arak.

    Arak Brun 5 Special Reserve 750ML

    Price $49.99
    Availability: 30 In Stock

    Named after François-Eugène Brun, Arak Brun might be the world’s most famous arak! Its production has been uninterrupted since the inception of the winery in 1868. It is made from the alcohol of estate grown Obeidi and Cinsault grapes, harvested at optimum ripeness, and blended with fresh anise. Since 2015, Domaine des Tourelles grows its own anise in Deir el Ahmar, a village in the district of Baalbek. Their arak is produced inside a hundred-year-old cellar, processed traditionally using a three-stage distillation in traditional alembics, and aged for 5 years in old clay jars. Arak is not sweetened. Serve with water – ice can be added. 53% ABV.

    Arak Haddad Zahra Elite 750ML

    Price $39.99
    Availability: 37 In Stock

    Arak Haddad Zahra (Elite) is the prime capture of distilling Arak in the still and re-distilling it for the fourth time to give the most complex part of the anise character. Zahra is further aged in special wooden barrels to provide a mature finish worth celebrating. Zahra is full bodied with very rich character yet smooth for drinking, best served with water and ice and goes well with Mediterranean food.

    Arak Haddad Crystal 750ML

    Price $24.99
    Availability: 40 In Stock

    Anise, alcohol and specially treated water are the basic ingredients. They boil in the still to a vapor that is collected externally by condensation into high degree of liquid Arak. The bulk is then brought down to bottling strength which is around 100 proof. After a period of aging, the Arak is filtered and bottled, to be consumed in a unique matter of adding water until the Arak in the glass is whitened and ice is added to it to make the best tasting drink.

    Arak Massaya Lebanon 750ML

    Price $42.99
    Availability: 40 In Stock

    Lebanon- Triple distilled from the white wine of indigenous Lebanese grape varietals and blended with uncrushed aniseed before aging in clay jars for 12 to 18 months. Serve chilled for a refreshing summer drink that cleanses the palate and aids digestion.

    Al Rawabi Arak 750ML

    Price $11.99
    Availability: 40 In Stock

    Anise flavor is a distinct taste attributed to anethole, an essential oil that provides the signature black licorice and fennel spiciness you might associate with candies marketed to nursing home residents. While you may not find anise to be especially tasty, it’s an incredibly popular flavor found in cultures worldwide.

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