Frankly Organic Lemon Vodka

Frankly Organic Lemon Vodka - Goro&

Frankly Organic Lemon Vodka

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Bursting with bright citrus, it's like sunshine in a bottle. Fresh and bright lemon with notes of herbaceous basil and warm maple.

Ripe juicy lemons cultivated from sun-filled citrus groves in southern Italy are the star ingredient; delightfully tangy and naturally high in vitamin C. Coconut water mellows the citrus and provides a dose of electrolytes while basil lends a layer of fresh herbs. Low on the glycemic index, Grade A maple syrup from Vermont adds a tad of sweetness for that not too tart, not too sweet harmony. Frankly, we like real.

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Frankly Organic Lemon Vodka - Goro's Liquor
Frankly Organic Lemon Vodka
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